Is Dervaes Institute greedy? You decide.

Take Back Urban Homestead/April Alexander and others call the Dervaes Institute Non Profit greedy. (This is just one example.) Why? …because they have a trademark!  By that definition, then, any trademark owner is “greedy.”  Consider especially,  for example, the American Red Cross which is a registered trademark and non profit.  To be fair and unbiased,  these DI detractors should also consider the American Red Cross greedy. There seems to be a bias with Take Back and others who so readily use the “greedy” label by de facto proclamation in reference to the DI; however, these statements are never supported by substance or facts. Unfortunately, they also lack a rational mind to see the error of their “logic.”

Here is a recent article which shows just how greedy the Dervaes are. Notice two excerpts:

First example from article:

Customers must then place their orders the night before as everything is picked fresh at 10 a.m. every morning (except Saturdays when they’re closed to observe the Sabbath)

I had pointed this out before (and other examples on my FB page). The Peddlers Wagon, owned and operated by Dervaes, states the following: ” A day of rest, a Sabbath request. We ask that wherever you may live to refrain from purchasing from this website between Friday sunset and Saturday sunset.”

In other words, “Please don’t give me any money during this time.”

Second example from the article shows how truly desperate the Dervaes are for money:
:One day, a woman who’d had car trouble didn’t have the money she needed to pay for her order, so she said she would come back the following day and began to leave. Anais said, “Wait, here’s your bag.” The woman reiterated that she didn’t have the money. Anais said she understood, and that she should still take her produce now so she could enjoy it while it was still fresh. According to Anais, it took more than a couple of times to convince the woman to agree, but this is the sort of relationship and community connection Anais and the Dervaes relish and strive to foster.

It is truly sad that detractors of the Dervaes Institute cannot see the glaring fallacy in their logic since there is so much substantiated evidence on the internet to the contrary. Therefore, there is only one conclusion one can draw:

People do not believe lies because they have to, but because they want to~Malcolm Muggeridge

Disclaimer:  This site is for educational purposes only.  It is not meant to substitute for professional legal advice.  Always seek the advise of an attorney when in doubt about your particular situation.  This site does not represent Dervaes Institute or the Dervaes family nor does it make any official statements on the Institute’s or the family’s behalf.

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